Going up the ramp towards Kruje Castle, one can view a panorama of the town. I noted with regret that the ‘development’ scourge has also claimed Albania for a victim…

2017-05-24 09.44.16

A few paces further up, the ramp turns 180 degrees and rewards the viewer with a scene from thousands of years in the past…

2017-05-24 09.53.34

… underneath the watchful guard of the Kruje Castle tower.

2017-05-24 09.56.52

Inside the citadel, close to the tower, there’s a snack bar with some tables overlooking a sizable chunk of central Albania. My legs nowadays can’t hold me up for long and the day was hot and thirsty, two perfect excuses to sit down for a refreshment even though I had quite recently had breakfast at the hotel. I couldn’t decide between a beer and a coffee and eventually opted for a beer. The waiter brought me both! Even better. In Albania food and drink cost next to nothing.

I descended towards Skanderbeg museum, built by the Communist regime in the 80s to celebrate the life of the Albanian national hero Gjergj Skenderbej, who at this fortress had fended off multiple attacks from the Ottomans in the 15th century.

2017-05-24 10.42.002017-05-24 10.54.252017-05-24 11.07.42

Following this, it was time to go high up above the cliffs that provide a backdrop to and tower over the town of Kruje, literally up in the clouds.

But that’s another story.