Legend has it that Rozafa Castle in Shkoder, Albania, was built on top of the body of a woman called Rosafa. I wouldn’t be much surprised if this were actually to be true. People throughout history have committed so many atrocities on other people, many to appease their bloodthirsty gods and others out of sheer cruelty and sadism, that the very word “humanity” seems to me to be a wrongly chosen term.

Be that as it may, the castle commands an imposing presence on the surroundings and enjoys spectacular views all around. Too bad about the millions of tourists and adolescent school children milling about the place when I went there. So much for the statement that I had read in a travel blog that Albania is an undiscovered place where I could explore ancient ruins all by myself and take pictures without a coachload of tourists standing in the way.

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Whichever reasons the occupants and users of Rozafa Castle may have had to complain, the view should not have been one of them.