In February 2016, my trip to Montenegro with my son Gianluca was marred by rain for most of our time there. A bit more than a year later, coming back home from Albania via Podgorica airport, I was looking forward to spending some more time there to see how this beautiful country looks in late spring, as opposed to winter.

I was rather unlucky this time, too. Ulcinj was grey and threatening rain when I ventured out into the old town.

2017-05-26 14.51.232017-05-26 14.51.532017-05-26 15.08.59

The following day (finally!) the sun came out. This was my opportunity to revisit the place with, according to our driver/guide Miko in February 2016, the most spectacular view in all of Montenegro – the bay of Kotor as seen from the mountains.

On that occasion, we were surrounded by thick fog and this is what we saw…


On the way along the coast road of Montenegro, I could admire views such as the one below, surely one of the best to ever accompany a cappuccino.

2017-05-27 09.29.48
NOT the bay of Kotor

Then, as I was cruising merrily along the road leading up to the mountain, I saw a police car blocking the road. A policewoman asked me where I was going. “To take a picture of the bay of Kotor.” Sorry, she said, the road is closed for a car race today and tomorrow.

My remaining two days in Montenegro.

“You can go to Kotor through the tunnel on the coast road.”

“Ok, thanks. And when I’m there can I levitate by a thousand metres to take a picture?”

No, I didn’t tell her that. I turned around instead, swore a lot and drove through the tunnel towards Kotor, as suggested by the policewoman. The other time with Gianluca we had driven down from the mountain directly to the bay of Kotor, so I thought that this time I could try to go up that road in the opposite direction, maybe the viewpoint was accessible that way.

No way. Obviously. There was another police officer there as well.

I did some exploring of Kotor Bay instead, which was thoroughly disappointing and completely congested with holiday traffic. It took me a whole hour to drive back out.

I’ll just have to be satisfied with a picture copied from Pixabay…


I saved the day in the afternoon with another revisit, to Virpazar, which was enjoyable and almost unrecognizable from the rainy and stormy February of 2016.

But that’s another story, and it deserves a blog post all by itself.