I’ve been visiting the Arboretum, a stretch of forest lying between Overijse and Tervuren, ever since I came to Belgium in 2004. The first time was on a cold November weekend, one of my very first training runs in my newly adopted home country. Since then, I’ve been to the Arboretum for hundreds, maybe thousands of times.

Recently, ever since I’ve been unable to run anymore, most visits to the Arboretum are by bike or, occasionally, on foot. Apart from being much kinder to the joints in my body, walking has an advantage over running in the fact that I may at any time stop and take a picture. By now I’ve built up quite a collection, so I thought it would be a good idea to share the scenic sights with you, dear reader.

It’s the new normal, after all – exploring interesting places, but much closer to home.

The stark barren look of winter:


Before the current rules on social distancing, it was still fine for people to stand close to each other:


While the Coronivirus Party dictates our lives, our range of motion is severely restricted. We can console ourselves with a longer range of vision. Light years of distance on a clear night, 150 million kilometres on a sunny day. You could say then that, clouds permitting, the sky’s the limit…


Left below, Kapucijnendreef, the site of a thousand runs.

I can’t imagine how I can ever reach a thousand bike rides here as well, but the tally is increasing.

Well, that’s it, folks. In real life it looks even prettier. If you live close enough, or else, after the restrictions are lifted, the most practical access is from Jezus Eik in Overijse.