… is what a friend commented to me when she saw this picture on Facebook.

It’s true, but beauty also requires a good camera, taking care to compose a picture that balances various elements in a harmonious way and, most of all, being on the lookout for the right moment. Here, the sun was shining at just the right angle and intensity, creating a pleasant effect, so I immediately stopped walking, fished out my phone and snapped.

It still happens, not that rarely, that a picture turns out to be quite unremarkable. This I either delete or keep away from public view. I just show off the nice ones.

It was yet another occasion where, thanks to the coronavirus lockdown, I was able to appreciate the humble beauty of the immediate vicinity of my home in Overijse. This was while I was ‘on my way to the office’ – the room in my house where I telework – early in the morning.