I realise that I had not contributed one word yet to the world of blogging during the roaring 20s.

Roaring? The reader should well ask. The twenties may have roared a hundred years ago, but for the time being we have gone into hiding instead. A collective, world-wide quarantine. Most human activity brought to a halt by a microscopic entity, a virus.

It reminds me of the megalomaniacal dictator of Albania from the 20th century, Enver Hoxha. His idea for the advancement of his country was based on two principles: on radical communism – he quarrelled with the USSR and China because they were not Socialist enough – and on paranoia. He was convinced that Albania was in danger of being invaded and built a network of many thousands of bunkers throughout the country, from inside which soldiers would repel future invaders.

2017-05-25 11.42.45

Forty years or so later, one of them became a tourist attraction. So, not only are Enver Hoxha’s bunkers not repelling invaders, they are actually doing the opposite.

He also built a nuclear bunker in the capital city, Tirana, for himself, his family and members of the Communist government.

You enter through a long reinforced concrete tunnel.

2017-05-25 12.49.40

The entrance is also heavily reinforced. The notice advising visitors in English to beware bumping their foreheads was probably not Hoxha’s idea.

2017-05-25 13.02.15

This is where he envisaged relaxing post nuclear armageddon.

2017-05-25 14.01.12

He would, of course, still work hard for the well-being of the Albanian people. A desk and a telephone is essential for this.

2017-05-25 13.07.56

Even a great leader, though, needs to sustain himself. Dinner will soon be served here…

2017-05-25 14.01.36

… to be followed by the evening’s TV viewing, that’s unless he needs to work overtime serving the nation.

2017-05-25 14.00.55

I wonder about the life story of this newscaster from another era following the collapse of the Socialist dream.

2017-05-25 14.00.29

I wonder if Enver Hoxha’s family and comrades-in-government would have survived the coronavirus inside their nuclear bunker. It was never put to the test for its primary purpose, but it did prove useful in an unexpected way, apart from generation of cash from tourists. The reinforced concrete was solid enough to help me stay dry even though there was a heavy thunderstorm while I visited.


[The featured image on top is a theatre for entertainment requirements of the crème de la crème of the Communist Party faithful following invasion or nuclear attack.]