Every now and then, while doing my job as a wanderer, the view turns into a beautiful picture. Quite suddenly. This happened to me the other time in mid December while coming back from a cold and wet bicycle ride to one of the less attractive areas in Tervuren (Belgium), where I also managed to get lost before Google Maps came to my rescue. I half looked behind to confirm that I wouldn’t cause any car to crash into me, slowed down to a halt, fished out my smart phone, bit off the gloves and took the picture as quickly as possible before the marvellous light conditions changed back to standard monotonous wintry.


There was a pole in the way, so I moved forward some 10 to 15 metres, seeking a better, uncluttered picture.



What the picture doesn’t show, luckily, is the terrible din created by traffic passing underneath. I was halfway across a bridge spanning the E411 highway from Brussels to Luxembourg.

We really need to find a cleaner and quieter alternative to the motor car. It’s the scourge of our civilisation. There are also arms and weapons, but these are not exclusive to our civilisation, going back to our very beginnings.

But let’s not dwell on human scourges and appreciate, instead, the beauty of nature.

The bleak beauty of early winter.