The sky is such a good medium for pretty pictures.

We were lucky, a few years ago, to live in a rented house in Hoeilaart, Belgium, with a view towards the sunset. We no longer live there, alas, but I’ve kept with me some good pictures, including these. I would look out the window, drop everything and rush out to the patio with my camera (no smart phone then), climb up a stool and snap.

Now, we’re lucky to have a holiday home in Malta where the sky, every now and then, provides a unique spectacle. Literally unique, like in unrepeatable, hence the rush to snap the shot. Below I proudly display my collection up until now. The pictures are taken from a fourth floor balcony overlooking Qawra bay towards the south east.

Dawn in mid-August.


Sunrise in February.


A standard, partly cloudy, fresh mid-morning.


A turbulent sunrise.


The sea is still asleep, though, and thoroughly uninterested in the drama unfolding above it.