On your way to the Isle of Skye, an interesting stop is a castle situated on an islet “where three lochs meet”, the Eilean Donan Castle.

We were lucky. It was grey and drizzly, authentically Scottish when the castle came into view.


In this age of the cheap flight, you will of course have to share your iconic, historic castle with many other visitors… the alternative would be paying much more for fewer trips.


Pity that it was strictly forbidden to take pictures inside the most luxurious room inside: the dining hall, complete with large cosy fireplace and costumed attendants. We were allowed, however, to take pictures in the other rooms, for instance, the old kitchen…


… where a young clown was having a good time putting on a performance.


Soon after, our luck turned as the sun came out, depriving us of the authentically Scottish ambience as we drove to the absolutely lovely seaside village of Plockton. But that’s another story…