True to our philosophy of avoiding large hordes of tourists, we steered away from Loch Ness. “It’s just another loch,” I had read somewhere, and there are so many to choose from in Scotland, all breathtakingly beautiful.

Proceeding onwards from Spean Bridge to the Isle of Skye, the bank holiday heat and sunshine had given way to a more authentically grey and drizzly Scottish experience. Further enjoyment to the drive was provided by some roadworks next to a loch, complete with traffic jam. Excellent! (More on this in a future post). I turned into a lay-by. We exited the car and took a path leading to the water’s edge at – possibly, although I have some serious doubts – Loch Lochy.


We really appreciated this deserted beach.


Even I posed for a picture, later posting a false implication on Facebook that I had visited Loch Ness.

Not the Loch Ness monster

While I tried different silly poses, Gianluca amused himself by turning the camera mode to selfie, pretending to be taking pictures of me…

… and I thought he was laughing at my antics.


So long, Loch (Lochy?), and thank you for the traffic jam.