Most visitors to Slovenia recommend Lake Bled as one of its beauty spots. So it made sense that, being based quite close to it, I should go and have a look.

Someone on Tripadvisor said they had walked the whole way around it, about 6 km. In my present condition, where even mild activity while standing up results in considerable pain, attempting to do this would be risky, given that I was alone. But it was unlikely I would ever have another chance to revisit, so I took the risk. I could always sit down if the going became too painful.


The longest allowed parking time was 2 hours. This should be enough for a walk of 6 km, ca. 90 minutes at 4 km/h, plus a half hour beer break. I would need this to take a rest if my hip joint started to play up, and to satisfy the beer craving picked up at nearby Radovljica.


It went surprisingly well. I had my beer break – the dark version of the local Slovenian ‘Union’ beer – and kept going the whole way without too much trouble. It was so peaceful and picturesque.


I completed the whole loop in 2 hours and 15 minutes. So maybe the route is actually longer than 6 km, or I walked slowly, or the various stops lasted longer than 30 minutes. It didn’t matter. There was no fine ticket stuck on the windscreen.


As it turned out, I did get a chance to revisit just two days later. We went to see Ljubljana with the intention of following it up with the Skocjan caves, driving the entire width of the country in a thick fog, only to discover that they had already closed down for the day! So we decided to go Lake Bled, as the others hadn’t yet been there.

I was rewarded with a few more splendid twilight scenes.

Lovely place.